Multi-day Residential Tours


We are the only D-Day tour company to offer a complete package inclusive of all travel and accommodation. All of our 'Residential Tours' are tailored specifically to your requests and we will work with you in advance of your tour to devise an itinerary which we promise will deliver the maximum insight into the incredible history of D-Day and the subsequent Battle of Normandy.


There follows an example of a week long tour which commences with your group being met at the arrivals gate of a Paris airport and is completed with the tour concluding once more back in the French capital city.


This sample tour would provide an exceptional insight into the story of D-Day. However, if you do not have a week available we can still design a tour for you, which, within a miniumu timescale of 4 days and 3 nights, will provide every member of your group with an experience we gaurantee all will cherish for a lifetime.



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