Typical Residential Battlefield Tour - Day Three

Day three of your tour could start at the German Cemetery at La Cambe ​which, in terms of burials, is the largest of the twenty-seven military cemeteries in Normandy. With over 21,000 German troops buried here it is the perfect location to learn about the German perspective both during and before the invasion arrived. Full of symbolism, an objective explanation of this poignant and thought provoking site adds an additional dimension to your tour which is often overlooked by so many visitors to the region.

From La Cambe we shall move onto Pointe du Hoc. This is the famous site where elements of the 2nd Battalion of the US Army Rangers scaled the imposing cliffs in order to take out the enemy gun battery. This is a well known story but more often than not told incompletely which leads to a great discredit to the men who fought there - these men achieved not just their objectives, but so very much more. Whilst here, as the day tours come and go in a matter of minutes, we shall spend well over an hour covering in depth both the story of this incredible battle but also widely exploring the dozens of bunkers on this remarkably preserved battlefield.

After lunch we then move onto Omaha Beach. Learn stories of amazing valour shown by the men who fought and died on 'Bloody Omaha' as well as learning stories of veterans who survived. Stuart has met numerous 'first wave' Omaha veterans including those who landed in the most deadly sectors such as Dog Green Sector at Vierville sur Mer as portrayed in Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan. Stuart will share with you what they told him about their experiences as we compare the real story to those you will have seen in the horrific battle scenes at the start of the Spielberg movie.

After at least two stops at different sectors of Omaha Beach we make the short journey to Colleville sur Mer and the American Cemetery and Visitor's Centre. Overlooking Omaha Beach, this vast cemetery marks the final resting place of 9,386 American Military Personnel - a visit here being a most fitting way to end what is always an emotional day before we depart the Omaha sector to take our evening meal in a choice of restaurants (once more, transport to and from restaurants on each evening of your tour is included in the tour fee - no need to worry about cabs).

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