Typical Residential Battlefield Tour - Day Four

Military history is our passion but we are also fully aware that Normandy has much more to offer then just the events of 1944. After two full days solidly looking at the battlefields we could maybe spend day three away from the emotional and frankly sometimes overwhelming events of 1944. We still have plenty to see on the landing beaches but at this point we have the option of taking a break from D-Day in order to contemplate what you've seen so far whilst also visiting Normandy's other attractions.

What has been called by many 'the eighth wonder of the World', Mont St Michel is less than two hours away from your accommodation. If you wish we can drive you to the Mont and arrange for you to meet a specialist guide who can walk you through the magical lanes and alleys which lead through the medieval city built on this beautiful island. Touring with Normandy Battle Tours, you can also jump the queue as you are guided around the incredible cathedral built at the top of the lsland which became Walt Disney's inspiration when drawing the Disney Castle.

After Mont St Michel maybe you could have an early evening arrival at the beautiful medieval town of Bayeux. Your visit here could perhaps include a visit to the famous Bayeux Tapestry or the one thousand year old Notre Dame Cathedral, the foundations of which were built in the presence of William the Conqueror and is today still the seat of the Bishop of Bayeux.

Whatever your choice you will have been given a fascinating insight into a remarkable region before we recommence our journey through the battlefields of 1944.

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