Typical Residential Battlefield Tour - Day Five

Day five of the tour will take us back to 1944 with a journey into the Commonwealth Sector of the D-Day landing beaches. Our first stop will be at the site of the very first action on D-Day where British troops landed by gliders before attacking Pegasus Bridge during the crucial opening mission that commenced this 'day of days'.

A journey to the British Airborne Sector would be incomplete without examining the incredible triumph of the 9th Battalion at the Merville Battery. What they achieved in the early morning of D-Day is one of the most underrated stories of June 6th 1944 and has been described by many historians as an impossible feat of arms.

Our visit to the airborne sector will be followed by a visit to Sword Beach. The actions on Sword Beach represent the most crucial yet vastly misunderstood chapters of the D-Day assault.

Modern populist history has distorted the Sword Beach story - your tour will set the record straight and follow the British 3rd Infantry Division and the Commandos of Lord Lovat's Special Service Brigade through to the Grand Bunker at Ouistreham (command bunker of the largest beach fortification in Normandy) and on to the Hillman Strongpoint.

We shall end the day on the Periers Ridge overlooking the Lebisey Valley where the 'Iron Division' fought back the German’s largest counter-attack of D-Day as the tanks of 21st Panzer Division were destroyed in their attempts of throwing the invasion back into the sea.

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