Our exclusive private tours are only ever led by the renown author, historian and battlefield guide Stuart Robertson. Our multi-day tours are fully inclusive of chauffeur driven transportation and bed and breakfast accommodation at our seventeenth century farmhouse located right at the heart of the D-Day battlefields.

battlefield_tours.jpg Since 2004 we have offered, not only the sharing of a lifelong passion for the history of D-Day and the Battle for Normandy, but also the great desire to provide the ultimate in flexibility, not just during, but also in the planning of your visit. In preperation of every tour we work with every group in designing a fully bespoke tour of our incredible region. Providing every essential component, we gaurantee an unrivalled once in a lifetime experience for groups of up to six people requiring a tailor-made multi-day visit of the Normandy battlefields. Our award winning tours are only ever led by the acclaimed historian / author Stuart Robertson and are fully inclusive of all transportation and accommodation from the moment you arrive in France. Whether following the route of a family member or just curious to learn about one of man's greatest ever military feats, we offer a unique insight into D-Day and the Battle of Normandy.

We strongly recommend taking your time in exploring this incredible region. At Normandy Battle Tours we offer serious, in depth and historically rich tours led by a qualified historian and published author of military history. This kind of tour takes time and is simply impossible to undertake in anything less than a few days. All of our residential tours are tailored specifically to your requests and we will work with you in advance of your tour to devise an itinerary which will ensure you get the very most from your visit. The main emphasis of your tour will be on the battlefields, after all this is the subject which your guide has dedicated the majority of his adult life into researching, but do not worry you will not be all warred out as we'll be able to combine excursions to other sites of interest within Normandy's abundance of cultural attractions. We could maybe include a visit to Mont St Michel, Honfleur or Giverny to name but a few options. Whatever you want to do in Normandy we are the most passionate, dedicated and professional tour operator there is offering unrivalled versatility and flexibility ultimately providing the visitor with an extraordinary experience; one which we guarantee the whole group, young or old, will remember for the rest of their lives.

Obviously, the longer your tour, the greater insight into this special history you shall receive. However, we do appreciate that many people have a great desire to visit the D-Day battlefields but do not have a great deal of time to dedicate to this. For those who have just one day available to visit the D-Day beaches, we offer a single day tour itinerary which is designed to work as a day trip from Paris by rail - check out our 'Single Day Tour' page for more details.

We are a small company who can combine the personal touch with a professional academic background. By using Normandy Battle Tours we are certain we will offer your whole group an unforgettable experience when visiting the scene of The Great Crusade.

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