2023 Tour Prices


In previous years we offered tours which typically ran for a duration of anything up to and exceeding one week, a service inclusive of accommodation and a shuttle service to and from major transport hubs such as airports in Paris. As a consequence of the Covid pandemic, we have been forced to make major changes to our tours which included the sale of our property at which we formerly hosted our guests.

We now offer two different formats of tour, the first being what is known as a 'Step On' tour. This means your guide joins you in your own rental vehicle and you shall be responsible for the driving of that vehicle. This way of touring Normandy is becoming increasingly popular - visitors often already have a rental vehicle, making the whole process more affordable.

Alternatively, if you do not have your own rental vehicle, we work alongside a local transport company who provide both a vehicle and a driver. Naturally, the fee for this service is higher. However, as the fee includes both myself as your guide and also the services of a dedicated driver, the great benefit is that whilst the designated chauffeur is in charge of the driving and parking, as we drive from one site to another, my time as a guide is freed up. This enables me to concentrate on providing you with information and showing you maps and pictures.

Whilst we no longer offer tours inclusive of accommodation, we remain at your disposal to offer our many years of experience and knowledge on how to travel to Normandy and where to stay when you get here.

Our tours commence as your guide meets you at your accommodation at approximately 9.00 am in the morning and will conclude at approximately 5.30 pm in the evening.

The daily fee for a 'Step On' tour is charged at €395 per day - this includes a guided visit to every site we visit, but does not include lunch, museum entry or gratuities.

The fee for a tour inclusive of a driver and vehicle is variable due to the size of vehicle needed to accommodate your group.

Contact us for further information.