All our tours are only ever led by the D-Day Historian Stuart Robertson

Born and raised in the North of England, Stuart is a former employee of the British Ministry of Defence and is the Grandson of H.A. 'Jock' Brownbridge; a WW2 veteran who, at the age of 28, volunteered to join the British Army the week after Germany annexed Austria in 1938. Stuart's Grandfather fought in France and was evacuated from Dunkirk before fighting in North Africa, Sicily and Italy. During the Italian campaign, in July 1944, 'Jock' earned a Mention in Despatches for valour as he, although wounded, evacuated a colonel to safety whilst under fire. Stuart's paternal family includes Colonel Donald Robertson who commanded the 7th Battalion of the Seaforth Highlanders before being killed at Mont Pincon in Normandy on the 6th August 1944. Although Stuart grew up listening to war stories which are a huge part of his own family history, having first visited the battlefields in 1989 as a 13 year old, it is the subsequent experience of meeting and touring the battlefields with hundreds of Normandy veterans which inspired him to tell their story on his tours and within his books.

Unlike the many self-procaimed historians who work as guides in Normandy, Stuart has been academically trained as such. Holding degrees from both Manchester Metropolitan University (CertHE - History) and the University of Leeds (BA Hons - History), in May 2016, Stuart was elected to the membership of The Royal Historical Society.

Stuart's lifelong interest and study into the battle for Normandy has led to him being acknowledged within the works of many fellow historians. In 2013, Stuart was commissioned to write the historical script for the 'D-Day Box' audioguide - an innovative and groundbreaking project as endorsed by the Normandy Office of Tourism and the WW2 Foundation of America. In 2014, Stuart became published in his own right as the lead author of the greatly acclaimed 'Following in the Footsteps of Heroes' - all royalties from which were donated to D-Day related charities. Stuart then published his second book 'The D-Day Beaches' in 2015. He has just completed his third book, provisionally scheduled for publication in 2018.


As well as being one of just two first choice Normandy guides for Rick Steves' tours in Europe, Stuart frequently acts as a historical consultant for the world's media. Stuart has provided consultation to, and has carried out research work for national and international journals such as Newsweek Magazine, USA Today, The Daily Mail, The Independent and Britain at War magazine. He has appeared alongside James Holland and Anthony Beevor on the BBC and has worked for ITV (UK), ABC (with Charlie Gibson), CNN (with Michael Smerconish) and Fox News (The Mike Huckabee Show). Over the last decade Stuart has been approached by many documentary makers. However, Stuart chooses very carefully which projects he works on and will only ever put his name to projects which he feels have the priority of historical integrity rather than the generation of commercial revenue.

Over the last decade Stuart has guided tours for thousands of visitors to the region. From young families to history professors from some of the world's best universities, Stuart's skills have also been called upon by past and present military personnel, from Army recruits going through basic training to Three Star Generals, security services from across the globe, currently serving and retired politicians from Government Delagations to US Presidential Candidates, staff from the White House and the Pentagon, along with a multitude of other military and civilian individuals and organisations, all of whom have travelled from all over the world to tour the Normandy battlefields specifically with Stuart.

Stuart's reputation for ensuring the integrity of history alongside his passion for the presentation has placed him amongst the foremost historians specialising in the Battle for Normandy. With over a decade of experience working as a full time guide in Normandy, Stuart offers the flexibility only an independent guide can provide in fulfilling an unforgettable and unrivalled experience for visitors to the region. Of all his activities working alongside the World's premier universities, professional historians and the media, Stuart is most proud of his association and friendships with those Normandy Veterans who made the World a better place during those dark days.

It is to the veterans whom we dedicate our tours in the hope that their struggle will never be forgotten.

buck-compton.jpg Stuart with Buck Compton of HBO's miniseries 'Band of Brothers'. Being a central character in such a successful TV production, reluctantly Buck became a Hollywood star. A modest man but a true hero, Buck died in February 2012.

bob-murphy.jpg Stuart with Bob Murphy (505 PIR Pathfinder). As the first American veteran Stuart met, Bob became a great friend, a D-Day veteran who passed away in October 2008 and is sadly missed by all who knew him.

howard.jpg Stuart with D-Day veteran Howard Manoian. Howard became an inspirational figure in Stuart's life and following his death in August 2011 has been sorely missed by his many friends in his adopted hometown of Ste Mere Eglise.

don-malarkey.jpg Stuart with Don Malarkey from HBO's Band of Brothers. A hero of the battle for Brecourt Manor, it was a privilege for Stuart to walk the D-Day battlefields with such a man. Sadly, Don passed away on the 30th September 2017.


g-whitfield.jpg Stuart with 101st Airborne Veteran George Whitfield. George received the Distiguised Service Cross (the second highest award for valor) whilst treating casualties within an improvised field hospital during the Battle of the Bulge. 

h-baumgarten.jpg Stuart with first wave Omaha Beach veteran Hal Baumgarten (pictured June 6th 2006), sadly Harold passed away on December 25th 2016. The anniversary of D-Day at Omaha Beach will never be the same without him.


len-smith.jpg Stuart with Len Smith who landed on Juno Beach on D-Day. Len, who landed in support of the first wave of the Juno Beach assault, was one of nine brothers who all served during the war.

pat-churchill.jpg Stuart with Number 4 Commando Veteran Pat Churchill. Pat was the radioman for Captain Keiffer of the Free French forces, 177 of which landed on Sword Beach on D-Day.

simon_trew.jpg Stuart pictured after a lecture given by D-Day Historian Dr Simon Trew - Head of History at Sandhurst. Simon is one of the World's foremost historians on D-Day.

john_roberts_harry_card.jpg Stuart on Sword Beach with first wave veteran John Roberts and HMS Swift Veteran Harry Card. In 2007, Stuart and his wife Jenny had the privilege of having Harry and John stay with them as their guests at 1 Le Port.


bill_sullivan.jpg Stuart with 82nd Airborne Veteran Bill Sullivan. 'Sully' remains one of the last in the line of the many characters from the 82nd Airborne who Stuart has met over the years at the famous Stop Bar in Ste Mere Eglise.

milton_staley.jpg Stuart with 90th Inf Div D-Day Veteran Milton Staley. Aged 98, Milton revisited Normandy for the 73rd anniversary of D-Day in June, 2017.


robert_wright.jpg Stuart with 101st Airborne Division Veteran Robert Wright who received the silver star for treating the wounded in a makeshift field hospital established in the church at Angoville au Plain.

gene_cook.jpg Stuart with 101st Airborne Veteran and war poet Gene Cook. Gene broke his ankle during his landing on D-Day. With a tightened boot, he fought the enemy before being ordered off the front line to receive medical aid.


g-batts-h-jeal.jpg Stuart pictured during a tour in 2005 with Harry Card (HMS Swift) and George Batts (former National Secretary of the Normandy Veterans Association).

bbc_broadcast.jpg Stuart with the BBC broadcast crew and 100 year old D-Day Veteran Bill Price. Bill was one of the veterans interviewed live from Arromanches in the morning of June 6th 2014 as Stuart was the main guest on the BBC Five Live Breakfast Show.